Our biggest mistake was using the scary term “monad” rather than “warm fuzzy thing”.
— Symon Peyton Jones
I remember being impressed with Ada because you could write an infinite loop without a faked up condition. The idea being that in Ada the typical infinite loop would be normally be terminated by detonation.
— Larry Wall1
Ada language is a voice from thermonuclear hell, a curse to the humankind.
— Melor Sturua2
Objects are state data with attached behavior; closures are behaviors with attached state data and without the overhead of classes.
— Peter Norvig
Given enough bugs, all eyes are shallow.
— Sad but true.
A programming language is low level when its programs require attention to the irrelevant.
— Alan Perlis
Under no circumstances confuse the mesh with the interleave operator, except under confusing circumstances.
— D. Woods and J. Lyon, the INTERCAL reference manual

1 This can give a wrong impression that you can't escape a loop in Ada. You can, either with “exit [when <condition>]” statement or by raising an exception. Otherwise it's true, “loop ... end loop;” creates an infinite loop, finite loops are created by adding a condition before the “loop” keyword.

2 This is from an article in a soviet newspaper that described the USA as an antiutopia. The author compared it to Orwell's Newspeak as if it was a constructed language, which suggests that he had little idea what a programming language is. Neither he knew that Ada was used in the USSR too.