Standalone software


A Linux distribution for routers/firewalls/VPN concentrators.

Unlike GUI-oriented projects like pfSense or IPcop, we belive in the power of the command line interface, so VyOS provides access to all system functions through a unified CLI somewhat similar to that of JunOS.

Forked from now-abandoned Vyatta Core.


An ipcalc for use in scripts. Allows you to do things like ipaddrcheck --is-ipv4-net to find out if the argument is a network address rather than a host address and much more.

Primary motivation is to allow fine-grained user input checking in configuration utilities and startup scripts.

Requires libcidr by Matthew D. Fuller.


Yet another hypervisor detection utility, this time cross-platform (Linux and FreeBSD) and written in a high level compiled language rather than a mix of C and shell.

Libraries and plugins


Aviation weather forecast parser and decoder. TAF stands for Terminal Aerodome Forecast.

The format is not very well specified and machine friendly, so the library heavily relies on nasty backtracking. The other problem is that the format is not exactly the same in all countries, but there is no indication which flavour is it in the reports.

Even though the library works pretty well, there is no guarantee that your report will be decoded correctly, so if you need it for anything serious, learn to read it yourself, it's easier than it looks at first.

You can read about the US format here.

Note: this package is not related to the Python Test Automation Framework, it's just an unfortunate three-letter acronym collision.


MediaWiki ConfirmEdit CAPCTHA plugin that makes users do simple subnet calculations.

MediaWiki is probably the only software I like enough to write anything in PHP.

All other software projects

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CDE/Motif-inspired theme for Fluxbox window manager.

Download from box-look.

Works best with Motif-like themes for GTK/Qt/whatever else widget toolkits you use. And no, this is not a joke, I actually like Motif look and feel and it's been my default theme for a good while. Fluxbox is not very good at reproducing the feel though.